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Nominations Committee


The purpose of the Nominations Committee (NC) is to establish a standardized and unbiased process to propose candidates for consideration as Officers and Members-at-Large to the IACRN Board of Directors (BOD).

Careful selection of candidates for the IACRN leadership is vital to the success and mission of the organization.  The NC works diligently to define the nominations process, ensuring a fair and equitable selection of qualified nominees.  Candidates’ experience is examined closely for research contributions, capability, and leadership.  Vetted nominees are presented to the IACRN Board of Directors, and membership for review and election.  This process ensures the election of qualified research nurse leaders ready and willing to take on the challenge of leading nurses to define, promote, and contribute to research nursing globally.

The NC has written a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure to inform the nomination process which can be accessed by clicking on: Nominations Committee SOP June 2015.docx.

A short-listing template is used during the nominations process to ensure an objective assessment of applications for BOD positions is available by clicking on: IACRN Nominations Committee Shortlisting Template V2.docx

If you would like to find out more about the Nominations Committee or the Nominations Process, please contact the IACRN Administrative Office jessica@iacrn.org.

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