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Becoming a member is more important now than ever! Please continue to support IACRN by renewing your membership or joining now! Don't let your membership lapse or miss even one day of having access to important IACRN benefits. Support your career by supporting IACRN. Your dues and those of your colleagues that work in research fortify the organization and allow us to continue to encourage clinical research nurses throughout the U.S. and abroad. Do you have great ideas to contribute to a membership drive? Let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

The benefits of belonging…

As a member of IACRN, you are a part of the first organization founded to meet the professional needs of clinical research nurses. By belonging to IACRN, you have gained access to a wealth of benefits to support you in your practice and profession.

Benefits for your practice

IACRN works to:
  • Be the voice of clinical research nurses, giving you influence and support in your profession, your practice, and your workplace
  • Provide a resource for understanding and applying Good Clinical Practice guidelines, state and federal regulatory requirements, and research ethics to your practice
  • Assist in developing, disseminating, and promoting nationally and internationally accepted practice standards for clinical research nursing
  • Keep you up-to-date on the latest issues and trends impacting you as a clinical research nurse

Benefits for your profession

IACRN provides:
  • The opportunity to expand your professional network and share knowledge, information, and resources with clinical research nursing colleagues in industry, academia, and internationally
  • A forum for discussion and dissemination of information, education, and best practices at IACRN’s annual professional meeting
  • Service opportunities through participation in committee work and special interest groups that will build the professional base for clinical research nursing
  • The experience of being an early contributor to the organization
  • Benefits for your continuing professional education…at member-only rates
  • Reduced registration fees at the IACRN annual meeting
  • Discounted fees for sending research opportunities to members
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Access to “Members Only” information on the IACRN website
  • Communication through the membership listserv

Future Benefits of Membership

As IACRN grows, you will share in the benefits of:
  • Specialty practice certification
  • Participation in focus groups and special interest groups to discuss current practice issues
  • Webinars, online courses and podcasts for core concepts in research nursing
  • Local Chapter affiliation
  • Quarterly practice newsletter
  • Scholarships, grants, and awards
  • Professional resources, templates, and online practice standards
  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Access to membership demographic data


IACRN does not use member dues for political or lobbying purposes.

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